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Still unsure?

Finding a reliable moving company can be tedious. We've answered some common questions you may have in order to better help you decide on making the right choice

  • How do you come up with a quote?
    Our estimates consist of a few all-inclusive factors. We'll ask you about what type of items you need moved. Tell us about how many boxes you may have, about your furniture and appliances too. This helps us configure the right equipment we need to make your move stress-free and efficient. We'll also factor in the travel time and distance from point A to B. Full disclosure, this includes our travel time to get to you and return to our dino cave after your move. Your rate is also determined by the amount of time we estimate your move to take, how many movers and what type of trucks we'll require. Things to consider when estimating time include elevator access, special care items, assembly/disassembly, large/heavy items, fragile items, access to property and more. Please note that an estimate is just that, an estimate. Our rate will be a guaranteed hourly fee, inclusive of all taxes and surcharges. We will not charge you any additional fees for any services covered in our agreed upon quote. Any additional services added on later, or during a move will be confirmed and an updated rate will be mutually agreed upon prior to providing the additional service.
  • Are you licensed & insured?
    Yes! We're a registered business in the province of Ontario, OBN: 71363 1737 RT0001 We now offer full content insurance for your belongings. Have peace of mind knowing that your valuables will be safe in our care but will be covered should anything happen to them during your move.
  • How are bookings reserved?
    Call or text us at 416-206-8836, e-mail us at or click the button at the top of the page to request a quote. If you're ready to accept the estimate we'll send you a confirmation of your booking via e-mail, text and/or call.
  • I need help arranging my furniture!
    That's what we do. Don't be shy to ask us to place your items where you want it at your destination. We can reassemble your furniture, unpack your boxes and clean your new place as well. See all of our available services on the "Services" page.
  • Am I still paying during your breaks?
    Though we try to schedule our team to work throughout your moving day (with rotating lunch breaks and covering bathroom breaks) we may require a short break, of which you will not be charged.
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